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Concluding ceremony of 150th birthday celebrations

February 02, 2014 by Admin

The organizing committee of Swami Vivekananda’s 150th birthday celebrations met at Top in Town Auditorium, Palakkad on February 2, 2014 to end the celebrations formally. All the 150 members of the committee were present. The function was presided over by Chairman Sri Palat Mohandas IAS. Swami Sadbhavananda (Editor, Prabhudha Keralam, Sri Ramakrishna Math, Thrissur) highly appreciated the celebrations organized by Vivekananda Darsanika Samajam and described it as the best function ever held in the name of Swami Vivekananda in Kerala related to his 150th birthday celebrations. Sri Jayakumar R (Coordinator) of the celebration committee gave a detailed description of the events conducted. He pointed out that the celebration was a great success by the grace of Bhagavan Sri Ramakrishna and Sri Saradadevi in propagating the message of Swamiji. The number of programmes conducted went up from 18 to 21 because of the overwhelming enthusiasm of senior members and the whole-hearted support of the public. The entire event was a huge success because of the efforts of a group of blessed youngsters whose dedication and hard work was beyond expectations. Dr. V. Jyothish, CA. Arun. A, Dr. A. Swaminathan, Dr K. K. Velukutty, Dr. T. Raghunath shared their experiences at the meeting. Mementos were presented to the members of the committee.