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Annadhanam program ends on a high note - more than 54000 food packets delivered

May 30, 2021 by Admin

The past months have been days of unprecedented trials and tribulations for humanity. We are in the midst of a crisis where society is struggling for basic necessities like food and gasping for air. The current lockdown was a final hail Mary by the government when things were getting out of hand. The Vivekanda Darshanika Samajam recognized the importance of ensuring food security during the lockdown period. When essential items became scarce, the ensuing food shortages hit our society hard, and the economically disadvantaged was the hardest hit. Determined to fight back, the Samajam decided to start the Annadhanam program to distribute food packets to the needy. The program was started on 3rd May 2021, with a modest number of 220 packets distributed. Over the course of the next 25 days the number of packets increased exponentially. We hit the 50000 food packet mark on the 28th of May, and were feeding approximately 2500 people daily. Our food distribution operations covered the entire Palakkad district, extending from Kozhinjampara to Ottapalam and Alathur to Mundur. Assuming an approximate value of 40 rupees per food packet, appropriately 21 lakh rupees of food was distributed over a 27 day period. As of 30th May, the lockdown has been extended with fewer restrictions. In light of the fact that restrictions have been loosened and similar initiatives have been started by multiple organizations, the Vivekanda Darshanika Samajam is officially ending the Annadhanam program. The Annadhanam is the biggest project that the Vivekanda Darshanika Samajam has undertaken so far. This herculean task was supported by the numerous donors and volunteers, the Nurani Gramam, Sai Bala Catering services, the Palakkad MLA office, the Palakkad district administration, the Police force and the Malabar Dewasom Board. The Annadhanam is a testament that human will prevails over all adversity. We are a resilient species, adversity make us adapt and become stronger. It shows that nothing is unattainable if the society, especially the youth, band together with a single vision. At the end of the day, we hope we have lived up to the high ideals set by Swami Vivekananda. The accounts showing donations and expenses incurred will be shared on the website and sent direct to donors by Whatsapp.