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Pariraksha Scientific Research Team - Disinfection of train compartments

April 18, 2020 by Admin

The Pariraksha Research Team has developed the UVC based Train Disinfection System meant to ensure that each and every train in our country begins its journey in a virus-free safe condition. The next step is to conduct some practical experiments in an actual scenario. VDS has sent emails to the Hon.Prime Minister of India, Hon.Minister of Railways and Hon.Minister of Human Resource Development, requesting permission to conduct such experiments in our nearest Railway Station,i.e Palakkad Junction(STN CODE:PGT), and to make available a train compartment for the purpose. Vivekananda Darshanika Samajam would be presenting the report for the prototype of first such system in the country, as part of 'PARIRAKSHA Covid-19 Prevention Project', once the Central Government gives an affirmative response to the request.