The state of Kerala was struck by a natural disaster the kind of which has never been witnessed before by its population in the month of August 2018. Heavy rains and powerful wind that rocked the state day in and day out destroyed the dreams and livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of people. Major rivers all across the state crested and the hillsides got drenched and crumbled resulting in massive destruction of life and property. The state lost approximately 445 of its citizens. 17,343 houses were decimated. Ten lakh evacuees were moved to relief camps. 35 dams in the state opened their shutters. The disaster created fear and panic in the hearts and minds of people. Finally the clouds have cleared and the chaos is almost over; now Kerala is in the path of rebuilding and recovery. All of us are involved and engaged in this mighty effort and by God’s grace Sri Ramakrishna Mission has also come forward with a helping hand.

Rebuilding Kerala

In accordance with the directions of Ramakrishna Mission, Vivekananda Darsanika Samajam started to execute relief operations in various flood hit places in Kerala . The representatives of Ramakrishna mission and volunteers from the Samajam carried out the following works : August 17 - the flood damage in various parts of Palakkad district and the needs of the people in relief camps were assessed. August 18 - based on the assessment made, one thousand plastic bedding and blankets were distributed at various relief camps at Vadakkenchery, Kolakkad, Mannapra, Palakkuzhi, Kanichiparutha, Pattambi, Kanakkannur, Vadakkeppallam Colony, Kunnamchery and Pudukkode. The relief materials distributed include - 1)Groceries kit which contains 12 essential items like rice, mustard,etc. 2)Utensils kit which contains 12 requisite items like rice pots,spoons,etc. 3)Plastic mats and blankets 4)New set of clothes for women,men and children 5)Bleaching powder August 21 - Relief materials distributed at relief camps in Kadukkamkunnu, Malampuzha Dam, Kava, Mettuchella, Anakkal and Velampotta. August 23 - relief activities were carried out at ST Colonies in Anamalai and Parambikkulam. August 24 - relief materials distributed at Vadyarchella, Attappallam, Puthussery, Cheekkuzhi, Akathethara, Parali High School, Shankuvarathodu and Chunnambuthara. August 25 - Distribution of relief materials at Aryamkadavu, Vadakkanchery, Manappadam, Pallam, Pathirippala, Pattambi and Kodumundakadavu. August 27 - relief supplies were delivered at Ariyallur. September 2 - Kumarakam - 250 utensil kits, grocery kits, mats and blankets and bleaching powder were distributed. List of materials supplied till 3/9/2018 — 2000 grocery kits, - 1250 utensil kits - 1250 mats and blankets - 20 bed covers - 250 bleaching powder packets Total worth of materials delivered - 25 lakh rupees Number of direct beneficiaries - more than 5500 affected people. Now we are extending the divine hands of Ramakrishna Mission further more , to other areas in Kerala. The needy people can reach out to us. Coordinator : 8907530796 For details please visit our facebook page :